Dearrrr my blogger…

Yesterday was really a bad bad day..

First, yesterday was my second-day-period,  someone stirring my stomach, jaded and emotionally unstable

Second, I know that my eyes is not working properly –  getting worst seriously – I can’t even read a word, whereas i sit in the front row.

Third, the date of one of my event is change, which I already ask and confirm someone to come on that date, actually she cant be on that day, but she has change and book a plane so she can come in. But finally the date is change. I don’t even know how to tell her 😦

Four, at 10 pm someone form jakarta head office call me ask the fax number, he want to send the invitation for some people in my office. And whatttt ? I belong to people that are invited. 

Langsung lemes, it must be mistaken… 

oke… it’s out of my plan…

And I don’t have any idea now.. 😦


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