ITP Toefl Test

Last week I took an ITP Toefl test. This was my first ITP Toefl Test. By taking ITP or Institutional Test Program TOEFL test, you can have your TOEFL score which reflects your ability in English. ITP is a paper based test, consist of Listening. Structure and Reading, same like any others TOEFL test.  But the different between ITP with TOEFL Prediction/preparation test is the score that you get from ITP test are widely accepted, in Indonesia and also in others country. Because TOEFL ITP is one of the official TOEFL tests which run by ETS (Education Testing System).

ETS is educational testing and assessment organization in the world. So, if you want to apply scholarship aboard, you have to take an ITP Toefl test instead of Toefl Prediction Test. Therefore, your score will be admitted. My aims taking this test is not for apply scholarship aboard, I just want to know my english score, and If someday I need this score for applying scholarship I already have it.

In Indonesia, if you want to take an ITP Toefl Test, there are several places licensed by ETS which I already post here.

I took test in AMINEF which is located in Plaza CIMB Niaga, 3rd Floor, Jln. Jendral Sudirman Kav 25 Jakarta. I spend Rp 300.000,- for taking the ITP toefl test in AMINEF. Overall I recommend this place if you want to take the ITP Toefl Test.

First, the service in AMINEF was good, I was handled by Ms. Frida. She is javanese and very kind. Three days before the test day, I have urgent thing to do, so I need to reschedule my test day, I emailed her, and she gave me a new test day. Yeiyy…

I recommend this place because the audio quality in this places is good. Yes it’s important for me, audio quality for complete the the listening section. I can hear the conversation in the listening section clearly. I think they use home theater speaker instead of tape radio speaker. I ever took Toefl Prediction test in another place, but the audio tape speaker is disappointing me.

Because this test was licensed by ETS, the test booked is sealed. when we start the test we open the seal. The test took two and half hour and you don’t allowed to go to the restroom along the test. Our answer sheet will send to ETS, ETS will calculate it, and issue our test score certificated. The toefl certificate is available to pick up 7 days from the test day or in the next week.

The Toefl score certificate is on the closed envelope. and it’s only one original copy. Regarding the ETS rules, AMINEF is not allowed to copies your original certificated. If you want to copy the certificate you can go to IIEF (Indonesian Internatioal Education Foundation) here is their website and it cost Rp 100.000 per copy.


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