End of June

Fight for someone who doesn’t wanna be fight is useless
If you think you are not giving the best yet to the whom you love, than you fight for it or you try hard for it. Giving up and leave the whom you love to find the happiness with others is not a solution.

I don’t know what is in his mind, I want to risky all I’ve got in my life for being with him, but he didn’t wanna me to do it..
it’s only a risk..risk is an uncertain thing, may happend or may not happend..
how do he know that leaving my comfort zone is a bad thing?..
And I choose being a brave person to accept that no matter what happned
we need to keep moving, take that risk and believe that God is always give the best to us..

I can’t face the obstacle alone..
I need you to trust and face it with me..
Maybe it’s time for me to stop struggling us..

I’m not a giving up person, but I only struggling for the one whose gonna fight together with me..


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