Yesterday Head of my office encourage me to apply an overseas scholarship. I repeat OVERSEAS SCHOLARSHIP. She asked me why I didn’t apply any of overseas scholarship, (USAID, ADS, and ext are opening now.). The more staff in this office get higher education level, the more this office has quality human resources, and actually overseas graduate will bring more value added to thus office, not only the academic competency but also language competency.

Yes I want the scholarship!!! but for now NOT the overseas one.. I can’t say anything, either it yes or no to her..

Continuing my master degree is my dream. And it was my father dream too..
at the time when I was interviewed for applying this office, I already said to the the interviewer (my boss now) that I have a strong willingness to continue my study..

Study overseas is really excited for me, I ever think about this, I will know people from different part of the world, new surroundings, I imagine my self have class in the university of Canberra, take photo, cooking and see the tradition in there.

But overseas… is a big deal for me who have a big plan in the next year…

starting from this march he is in the different island with me, If I take the overseas program who will be taking care for our next year plan?

This is the decision..

I will not take the overseas program..

Get prepared my self for the domestic one!!! semangaaaatt!!!


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