Prison Break

Prison Break is best TV series I ever watch !!! actuallly this movie released  in 2005 – 2009, but I just watch it few a month ago. So probably many of us have been watched this TV series. Mostly all the scene play in prison. When I have in mind when I heard about prison is a scary place that many tattoo, big beard-man, and big muscle man in there. But in the prison break is really diffrent. You have to know that the main player is really HANDSOME. hahhaa (wentworth miller)

This film tells about how to break a prison. Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) plan to rescue his brother, Lincon Borrows (Dominic Purcell) from Fox River Prison. Lincon is accused for murder  the brother of vice presiden America that he didn’t commit that murder. Michael is a smart engineer architectur which know details about fox river layout, he draw all the blueprints from fox river layout in his body as a tattoo..woww this is very cool.. because not many people recongnize the tattoo in michael scofield body is fox river blueprint.  Michael robbed a bank in order he can be fox river custody too, to get close to his brother to plan all the escaping-way from fox river.

According to film genre, i prefer to classifeid it as adventure, action and drama movie. You can also watch the romantic drama between michael and Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne). Sara is a doctor in fox river who help michael escaping. This film is divided into 4 season. oke i will tell you a little in each season.

First season is about how Michael and Linc escape from Fox River Prison along with 6 others inmates. Among other seasons i like this season very much. The day of Lincon execution to the death is getting nearer but michael always find a problem to get out from fox river.

Second season is tells about chasing the runner inmates. After they sucsses escape from fox river, the inmates was spread to diffrent country. Every police was chasing for them, include Alexandre Mahone (William Filtcher), FBI federal agent who works for mafia too, the target of Alexander Mahone beside to catch them but also to kill the inmates.

Third season is tells about how michael break in Panama prison, michael was catched when he shoot someone in front of the panama police. I like less this season, but it’s still good to watch..The best scary scene is when Linc received a box package, and sara’s head is inside the box.

Fourth season is tells about The brother chasing the mafia, they chase six chips named sylla. Sylla is kind of the mafia black book. Alexander Mahone now in michael’s side. In this last season is trigger your adrenaline, because some facts open. Michael meet his mother, and his mother says that lincoln is not his real brother, Sara is pregnant  and another fact that michael is have a brain tumor!!! .

In the end of film, you maybe sad because michael sacrifice him self to save his brother, nephew, sara and his sons. Hiks..Hiks.. This film is diffrent from other TV series, every episode in this film is unpredictable.

Please give me prison break season 5 !!!

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