Marriage and tribe

Lesson for today : Marriage is not only to combine 2 hearts, but also merge 2 family which have different culture, habit and perception as well.

Yes, today was the final meeting of bagus brother wedding’s. 1 weeks before his marriage. Hope everything will run well on the day, and he will have happily ever after marriage.Aminn..Oke back to my topic, my auntie ever told me, If someday u’ll married, it’s better for u to married a man who have same tribe with you. At first, i think  that everyman is the same, no matter where he come from, which distinguish is his religion and his heart. My auntie say’s that thing is because her experience, she marry a man which have different tribe with her and after marriage she grumbling about too many habit adjustment. When she decided to marry this man, many people suggest her to choose a man which have the same tribe, but she ignore it. Yahh, maybe it’s about God path.

Later, I understand and agree why we better to married with man from the same tribe. You can call me conventional, but I thinks is about culture. Married with person which have a different tribe is not sin or wrong, but when you commit to that statement, you should strong enough to face culture-shocks which can cause miss communication. Beside for the couple, it will affects to the family. perception.

Beside that, some conventional parents want the desent is heritage from their tribe to enlarge the population of their tribe, this was so contradictif to bhenika tunggal ika slogan. Yaaa, culture. was too interesting and sensitive to disscus.
As my experience, me as javaness feel more pleasant have boyfriend (hope to be my husband)   which have the same tribe with me. When his family meet my family, javanese languange accelerate intimacy beetwen my family and his family. I just feel i’m relax to be around with his family, i don’t need to adjust some culture-thing. They care to me and I like them.

For steping to the next process, I think this thing should be a homework for me and bmy bf to merge our family.


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