Grey’s Anatomy

This is my favorite TV Drama. This series are about SURGEONS, which tell their profesional life and their personal life. Almost of their activities are in the HOSPITAL. Actually I hate this place VERY MUCH. but after i watched it, i should change my mind. it’s not as scary as you think. and watching this TV series is also make me want to be SURGEON or doctor at least. Because it’s very awesome if we can save SOMEONE’s LIVE. i wish

My favorite Character is Isobel stevens or familliar with Izzie. She is beautiful, energetic, tough and awesome. Kathrine Heighl play the character very well. But unfortunately, Izzie is diagnosed by cancer, So she came back rarely in the episode.

I watch every episode from season to season, I just finish season 6, and can’t wait to watch the on going season 7. Some of the last episode in season 6 was really great, seems like i watch a thirller movie. a huge problem for Seatle grace- Mercy west hospital. there was a shooter inside the Hospital. One of family member from a dead patient come to revenge and kill derek shepherd as a chief of this hospital. Yeah Derek shepherd is charming one, tallentend, Mc’ Dreamy also..hehehe

But this shooter not only shoot derek, he also shoot Reed, Alex, Owen and one man, the interen who’s in love with reed, i forget the name. Oh..this shooter is realy psikopat. There is blood everywhere and everthing is lock down. but outside there’s so many police, but how can the police find the shooter needs a long time. Arrggh..

The shooter shoot Derek in front of meredith, derek’s wife which married in post-it, and meredith was pregnat at the time. She didn’t tell derek yet about her pregnancy, she plan to tell him on this afternoon. But the shooter already shoot derek. Meredith & chirstina ( merediths best friend since they was interen) bring Derek to OR room, and chirstina try to operate derek with her self. While operating the shooter come again and threaten everybody in the OR not to fix Derek life anymore. and’s so complicated to tell it, just watch..

I’m highly recomend this TV Series, especially for the girls than to boys. hehe..cause not so many boys like Drama Movie..hheheh

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