Best Pic during march holiday

These are some favorite picture from our March Holiday, all these pics taken form my canon pocket camera.. Wanna go there?? very recommended

We are already arrived at banjar
This is our guest house, IDR 500.000, Too expensive , and lack of fresh water
Chek chek chek,preparation before travelling…
He is bay watch actors.. hunny
Play some waves was very exciting.. wanna go there again.

This beach have a long shoreline, and this shoreline is connected to south ocean

The wind, the brezee, swiinggg soo breezee…
White and blue cloud above the beach, subahanallah
The photographer *
Me with the beach
He with the beach
Do you know what happen between irsam n lulud? they’re holding hands
Enjoy the sea for more than an hour!! so beautifull
See our lugages!!!
We’re ready to go back to jekaardaah…
This is the entry ticket, IDR 27.700 for one car (included the person inside)


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