Reviewing my one year working at nikko

January 19th is my last day working at nikko.. Let’s reviewing guys..
1. Are u happy working at there?  yes
2. What things that u will be miss? Banquet team, making BEO, telephone ringing
3. Define HNJ in 3 words? Family, Learning and Romusha
4. What pision that u like (exclude ur pision) ?banquet operation & kitchen
5. What pision that u dislike ?HRD (i didn’t take my 11 annual leave, they promise to pay it, but it didn’t)
6. What do u think about ur manager ? smart, beauty and assertive –> i’m lucky to have a boss like her
7. What do u think about ur fb director ? so japanese, calm and great
8. What do u think about ur officemate ? so nice, helpfull and loveable
9. Tell me about guest complaint memorable? (Company, when, why?)
a. from Non Government Organization (NGO), when i’m three months working, complaining because i don’t wanna give any discount to her, she says that i’m so rigid and unflexible. and she compare me with the ex-sales.
b. from consultant group, on friday i was having lunch outside the hotel, complaining because i make layout to operational team to set up coffee break station outside instead of the inside. and their registration desk was messy because the other venue which next to the her venue is just finished the lunch time
c. from banking, on my last day, compalaining because the main course already open by my operational team at 18.00. whereas i alrealdy mention in the beo that main course should be open at 19.00.
10. On a scale of 1-9, 1 being worst and 9 is the best, HNJ was : 7.25
11. Things that u never forget : I ever accidentaly clasp my GM in the lift
12. Are u always come on time : Not really… but i never coming home teng go too..
13. The most person that u dislike? and why? : Miho-sang, japanese girl who is so bossy and sometimes doesn’t respect the other employee
14. What’s your favorite food in EDR (employee dining room) : spagethi, beef burger, kwetiaw, teriyaki, union ring, french fries
15. What’s your unfavorite food in EDR ? gudeg, padang, shabu2
16. What lesson that u learn ? Sincere, mature, expect less do more

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