Bonne Annee 2011

Happy new year everyone..welcome to the world of 2011 !!!

Normally, everyone of us hope this next 2011 will be better than 2010. More happiness, healtier and wealthier. So do I. I hope the better next 2011 will happend to me, my family, my boyfriend and my friend as well. But obviously, the hope is only a hope, if you don’t accompany it with your effort and pray.

In the next few weeks, i will start a new life. new chapter of my life. i get a new job and i should movin to serpong, tanggerang which make me far away from my family and my boyfreind. and now i just a little nervous i guess. huuhuuu,,not little, really scare acctualy.

My 2010 seems like my comfort zone, i have a good life dealing with my family, boyfriend, friends and job as well. I’m just scared the 2011 will turn out not so good as 2010.

What will be the next happen to me along next year??.. i should move on to other city, i should stay in some rent-housing, i should far away from my now-sorrounding, i should take care by my self in there Oh..God..hope everthing that will be happen worth it to make me a better person. be a better person..but instead of scare start over my life, i have some resolution for this year, please see below :
– More closer to the God and His rule
– Make my family happier and healtier
– Love life –> give it up to the God’s plan
– Get scholarship to study aboard ..yeiy..bismillah
– Improve my driving and cooking skill
– Learn 1 more languange, can be france, japanese or mandarin.

Actually i have a big dream that i’m cleary sure will not happen in 2011, but i really hope that it will be happen someday. I want to see THE WORLD, i want to see some part of the europe. . and i’m sure it can be happen someday.

We will open the book, it’s page are blank. we are going to put the good words on them ourselves. The book is called opportunity. Let’s began the first chapter is new year’s day.


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